Friday, February 7, 2014

Anatomicals 'the hottie tottie is never spotty here zitty zitty miawow daily scrub' Review

Hello guys :)

I am always on the lookout for new skincare to try out. I rarely stick with the same skincare products unless they are just miraculous! I really like to try out new stuff and this is a good way to see whether the products are actually making a difference.

Anatomicals is a pretty new brand to me at least. Recently I discovered that it has also arrived in Malta! So,  I decided to try out some of their products.

The first one is 'the hottie tottie is never spotty here zitty zitty miawow daily scrub'.
If you are not familiar with anatomicals, they are the funkiest brand you will ever see. They come up with these crazy and hilarious names!

Check their Facebook and their website and you will get a clearer idea of what I am saying.

The scrub itself is a very mild scrub with synthetic beads and this makes it much milder than a scrub with natural beads in it. The scrub itself is not loaded with beads so you are not getting that harsh and gritty feeling.

The scrub is quite a fresh scrub with the consistency being that of a gel/cream formula. Anatomicals Malta describe it as "Featuring a light formula, this exfoliating scrub leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed with a fresh subtle scent. You will really love the scent of this, it is so zingy and it really wakes you up and that’s just opening the bottle!and to be honest with you this is a perfect description so there you have it.

I love using this in the morning as part of my morning skin care routine. I love to splash my face with cold (or freezing haha) water and then take a pee sized amount, work it between my hands and then apply it on my face. It feels extremely refreshing on the face and oh it smells divine as well. Then I rinse it away with water and the skin is left with a clean refreshed feeling.

It contains Salicylic Acid and Glycolic acid which both help in preventing and treatment of minor spots issues and also help in clearing the skin from other minor issues. It also contains some good ingredients such as Jojoba and Kaolin which are very beneficial to the skin. 

It is safe to use every day and even twice daily as it is not at all harsh. Having said that if any irritation occurs one should always stop using the product. Moreover, I do not find that it dries the face so I think it is suitable for all skin types but please bear in mind that it is better if you use it less frequently first and check how frequent you can use the product. This applies more to those with drier skin.

Have you ever tried any Anatomicals products? tell me in the comments below.



  1. I was just looking at these earlier! I shall have to give them a go now!