Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vichy Purete Thermale Review

I started writing this post when I was feeling a bit sick. However, I ended up being quiet sick with just a common cold. But you know how a simple cold can leave you helpless. Now I am feeling much better and I think I am fully recovered:)

I wear makeup on a regular basis, and it is not because I don't feel confident, it is just because I love makeup.

A good makeup remover is a must for me.

I remember using Vichy products way back and I used to love them! They were my 1st ever proper skincare range. So, a while back I decided to try some products again and seeing that I needed a new cleanser and toner I decided to try these out.

I think I saw this compared to the much raved about Bioderma product which I have never used. Vichy products are made up of their famous Thermal Water which is essentially water with a lot of good and rare minerals which occur naturally in their spring water in the village of Vichy in France.

I use this product to remove most of my makeup. I say most of my makeup because I like to use an oil cleanser for my waterproof eyeliner and mascara as it is much easier to remove. Having said that, it removes all of the makeup which is great! It has a watery consistency and makes it perfect for all skin types. It doesn't dry the face up and it is very gentle on the face with no fragrances or anything.

For more information check the Vichy facebook page and Vichy website. I will definately repurchase this product and I strongly suggest it even as a normal cleanser for everyday use!




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