Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soap Cafe Hands on Lotion Review

I think it is only today that Spring is visible in Malta. Having said that I am currently recovering from a cold. And the weather outside is just amazing! 

Here is the review.

I bought this ages and ages ago! For all of you who do not know who Soap Cafe is here is a bit of 

SoapCafe` is a relatively new concept in Malta, mainly due to the fact that we produce virtually edible beauty products, for all types of skins and age, while also catering for the vegetarian and vegan market. We are also Pioneers in researching and using some of the best local produce in our soaps, lotions and balms. 

At SoapCafe` one can also find various gift ideas for all budgets, herbal and loose leaf teas, essential oils and herbal remedies. 

Our products are free from Mineral oils or other BI products,Parabens, SLS and Animal fat. NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Information retrieved from Soap Cafe website.

This product is one of the best things I have tried with regards to hand lotions and similar stuff. It got neglected this year because it was in the fridge and I will explain why.

The lovely Charly from Soap Cafe provided me some information on this product. So here is the info.

This Hands on lotion is made up of some good ingredients. It contains lemongrass oil but also lavender for calming effects. It also has a dash of tea tree which gives the product antiseptic qualities and frankincense oil which has anti aging qualities. What is great about it is that it's made with beautiful luscious Shea and Cocoa butters finished off with organic calendula giving it extra soothing benefits and elasticity to the skin. The bar makes an ideal remedy for very chapped hands including those suffering from chill blains and inflamed cuticles. There are times where I start picking at my cuticles so horribly that blood comes out. I like to apply some of the product on my cuticles and leave it sink in slowly without rubbing. It works wonders!
Charly also told me that it is very popular among males as well especially those who have very 'manual work' such as mechanics and welders. I can vouch for it as my boy friend actually uses this and finds it really good as he works in a hospital environment and uses lots of alcohol based products which dry the hands terribly. I Remember one time when his hands where so dry that he would pick at his hands and peel the dry skin which is obviously very bad. 
Lastly Charly also told me that some of her clients also use it as an alternative to commercial deodorants due to its antiseptic yet soothing qualities.

I like to keep it in the fridge because it is made up of oils which will obviously melt in the heat that we Maltese experience here in the Maltese Islands.

I don't actually suffer from chilblains but I occasionally get that one are in my middle finger where I had some sort of chilblains. This lotion soothes chilblains quite effectively.

Using this product more or less once or twice a day made those dry patches disappear and restored the skin to its normal state.

I think what makes it so affective is that it is made of such natural things and essential oils which are not only absorbed by the skin quickly but promote skin improvement.

I prefer using this product at night as it feels a bit oily and slippery after rubbing, however just make sure to distribute the product evenly on the hands. I love to use it on other parts of the body where I tend to get dryness which are the elbows and the knees and it works just as wonderful.

I seriously need to try out more products as sometimes I think we bombard our skin with so many chemicals when all it needs is just pure ingredients!




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