Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lierac Mesolift Serum Review

Way back I was invited for an event organised by Pharma MT about the Lierac Skin Care Range.
I have heard of the Lierac brand before but I never had products from the brand. So, in the event which you can check HERE, we were given a couple (which are actually very generous in size) of products to try out.
I was trying several products and it  was until a couple of months ago which I actually got to try this product out.
I also wanted to finish the product up before reviewing it. So, here it is.

This is a very good serum and I can say that it is the perfect serum which will probably be suitable for most skin types, at least it was perfect for my combination skin. It has a gelish serum consistency which doesn't make the product oily or shiny or anything.

It is a serum which is packed with Super Vitamins - 15% of the Medolift cocktail which is basically a radiance cocktail which contains blood orange extract which is suitable for all types of skin and all ages and all seasons. 

So, this Mesolift range is all about Radiance. Lack of radiance is brought about by lack of vitamins and minerals and general fatigue. The skin will appear dull, toneless and will feel dehydrated. Mesolift contains a cocktail of 5 vitamins, 6 minerals and hyaluronic acid to invigorate the skin deep down. Therefore, it is  a complete fitness regime for the skin.

Information retrieved from Lierac.com
Check also their Facebook Page HERE.

Just to recap. I used this skin serum throughout the winter months and it was a skin saver. I can get quite tanned in summer. However, I find that in winter my skin is quite dull and pale and blah looking. I used it mostly during the night so that in the morning my skin looked much brighter and fresh. I believe you can use it in the morning as well  which I did a couple of times.

Anyways, I loved this serum  and I really like to try other products from the Lierac brand. Have you tried any products? Let me know below



  1. Sounds interesting
    Never tried any Lierac products before, but there are always positive reviews about their products

    1. It is :) and I have finished up another product from them which I really enjoyed!