Monday, November 4, 2013

Lierac Event

Earlier this year there was the official launch of the Lierac skin care range and for some reason or another I didn't attend. I don't remember why. Anyways, last week I was invited to the Lierac Event organised by Pharma MT which featured an overview of the vast range of their products along with personalised skin analysis.

I will start by a brief introduction on the brand.

"LIERAC laboratories were created in 1975 and they imposed their expertise within just a few years. The rigorous efficiency of their formulas combined with the "French" charm makes each one of their products a delights for like senses. 
LIERAC know-how lies in its founding principles: medical expertise, scientific credibility, and rigorous ethics. Each creation of the brand has been guided by this trio since its origin.

LIERAC accompanies you day after day to help you feel your best both in beauty and in sensation of wellness, and to help you remain at the top."

You can find more information on their website here. Below are some of the photos of the event along with a very nice goodie bag which involved a full size product and some generous skincare items.

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I learnt that this is a Dhalia! Never seen such a beautiful flower.

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  1. I really had fun at this one :) see you tomorrow for the Pronails one :) xx

  2. This was a great one, great company too :) Well done on the post Mar - lovely photos ;)