Friday, June 13, 2014

Lierac Summer Launch + OOTD

This blog post had to be up last week! But I don't know where the days are going and it is already Tuesday and anyways one thing leads to another and  I keep procrastinating! Yeah, who doesn't?

Lierac have developed the SUNIFIC suncare range which includes sun protection creams for sun lovers. All the products contain patented UVA/UVB protection, triple performance against wrinkles, slackening and brown spots which when combined with moisturising and tan active agents to give the skin the  most radiant and sexiest of tans.  All products have the sweetest and most sensual and additive summer scents making the day at the beach as nice and pleasant as it can be.

The event started with an introduction on the skin and the ageing process of the skin. The n we had a detailed presentation on the new range itself during which two lovely girls were showing and the testing the products on us. All I can say is that I got hooked on the products at once. Especially the scrub which felt so nice on the skin!

As generous as Lierac can be we were given a very bright neon orange pouch filled with some samples and a large full size SUNIFIC Primer - Tan Starter Serum which is aimed for a rapid and sublime tan maintaining cellular protection. It is aimed for both Face and Body and doesn't not contain and SPF.

So, what does this product do? It is a primer which prepares the skin prior to sun exposure, boosting its resistance to the harmful effects of the sun, while rapidly activating a golden tan.

The formula contains sweet orange bioflavonoids (5%) and fresh carrot cells (1%) which trigger melanin production.It also contains jasmine extracts (2%) which all improves cell protection. It also has a beneficial agents such as fruit AHAs, shea butte and monoi, rouocou, apricot kernel and plant glycerin oils for a more even and more luminous perfect golden tan. The primer is a light moisturising fluid serum with notes of orange blossom, gardenia and frangipani.

How to use it? It is suggested to start applying it around 15 days before starting tanning morning and evening! I already went for my first swim so lets see how this product performs!

On a side note. This is what I wore for the event. Funnily enough most of us blogger were wearing something blue!

Pants - Zara
Blazer and top - cannot remember
Necklace - Asos
Shoes -  George




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