Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dr. Organic Malta Event

At last! I am writing a blog post. I had a quite stressful week at work that now I have lots of things to write about in my blog and videos to film and upload because I haven't had any time!

So, earlier this week I was invited, along with my fellow bloggers, to an event organised by Dr. Organic. I have been quite into simple organic skin care and hair care products lately which lets just face it, is always a good thing to try.

Below is a brief introduction on the brand itself:

In Dr. Organic products one finds organically grown ingredients. The products contain the finest natural and organic raw material where possible. These products are thoroughly tests to ensure that they conform to the strict quality guidelines. Bioactive extracts are used to ensure each product is truly functional by nature. Dr. Organic products contain no harsh chemicals such as parabens, SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate), perfumes or artificial fragrances.The products are not tested on animals and most of the products are non animal derived, with the exception of honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly. No minerals are included in the ingredients and hence petro-chemicals such as paraffin and petroleum are avoided. Instead plant based oils and extracts are used.  No genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are used and where necessary only high grade preservative are used. 

Photo courtesy of Dr. Organic

Photo courtesy of Dr. Organic

Photo courtesy of Dr. Organic
The event itself was quite an intimate one and it took place at the lovely Villa Bologna in Attard. The lovely Teri gave us an overview on the ranges which Dr. Organic carry. We also got the opportunity to try out several products. And I can also say that I have set eyes on some products already! Very generously, at the end of the event we were given the opportunity to take home with us 3 products to try out for ourselves.

Here is what I took home with me:

Check the links below for more information on the brand and the products:

Stay tuned for the reviews coming up soon!




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