Monday, May 25, 2015


You know that when there is something you absolute like you'd like to tell the world about it. Recently, I have received a couple I products from the new Pupa collection.   The lovely Stephanie from Pupa Milano Malta forwarded me 2 items from the new PUPA SPORTS CHIC COLLECTION for SPRING 2015.

From street-style to the catwalks, the frenzy is around the SPORTY CHIC style. An unprecedented mix between elegant e feminine clothing together with pieces that come directly from the sports world, for cool and original looks. These fashion trends inspire the make-up for Spring 2015 : sophisticated pastel tones in contrast with black graphic details and silver accents.

The first item is the SPORTY CHIC VAMP! MAXI STYLO LINER. This is the first time I ever tried a liner in giant marker form. Ok giant is a bit too much ! But you get what I mean. The special slanted tip allows you to draw either thin and very precise lines, for an intense and defined effect, or thick and strong ones for a dramatic graphic look.

I absolutely love how this eyeliner applies. It has a matte finish and it is very easy and quick  to use. Honestly, it just takes seconds to apply a precise eyeliner shape. By using the different sides of the tip you can create a whole lot of different looks. 

Although it doesn't claim to be waterproof it truly lasts all day even in this hot Maltese weather.

The other product is the SPORTY CHIC LIKE A DOLL CHEEKS&HAIR. I am a sucker for a good blusher especially in a fresh shade like this. The velvet like and silky texture illuminates the cheeks with a satin finish and colors your hair with adjustable shades.

The innovative packaging was created expressly for a practical and direct application on face and hair. I have to admit that I only tried applying it once to my hair. I think it is a fun thing to do. But I did try it on my cheeks. One thing I didn't particularly agree with is the fact that I didn't like the way it applied when using it directly from the tub. I found that it applied somewhat streaky. However, it applies perfectly with a brush. What I do is I sweep the brush over the product and then apply it to the cheeks. This way you can control better the amount of product you're applying. The shade is a bright pink shade but blends pretty well on the cheeks to give a more natural look.

I hope you are ready for bright colours and make sure you try these products out!

For more information on the other product visit the Pupa Milano Website and the Pupa Milano Malta Facebook page.




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