Saturday, November 21, 2015

Launch of Women's Secret Malta

We all remember Women's Secret right? I remember it quite well here in Malta. Recently it was relaunched in Baystreet in St Julians if you'are here in Malta. 

Last Thursday I was able to witness the newly opened store with the launch of the new limited edition. The philosophy behind Women's Secret?

Pretty.Comfortable &Sexy.

Their ranges consist of endless styles ranging from fun and cute and the extra comfy pygamas to the flirty, sexy and intriguing negligees.

The shop is set up in a fun and somewhat radiates a calm where you feel completely at ease to look around and take your time choosing the right piece. It is girly but not that kind of crazy girly. It is more fun but serious looking at the same time.

One thing which I simply loved is the attention to detail that even the simplest piece of underwear has. They cater for a wide range of sizes but they also focus at the same time on somewhat smaller sizes so they have a larger amount of the more 'common' sizes. And prices are pretty much the same as those of Spain and other European countries.

Not to mention that the staff is really nice and helpful :) 

I am quite happy that it is finally back in Malta! Just go and take a look.

PS. Check out Women's Secret Malta's Page for the latest news!





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