Monday, February 22, 2016

Hangover Cures! Beauty Tips and more!

If you are a student or you are in a situation where you it is essential to spend a night awake or at least a good proportion of it. I cannot keep up with these kind of nights! Mind you even night outs are a nightmare in a way. Last week we went to Poland for a week along with several of our friends. One can just imagine how the sleeping routine went haywire. 
I do not wake up in a very glorious state haha, but I do have some tips which I find useful for the morning after!

1) Washing your face with Cold Water.

I know it is cold water, which can be very cold but it will freshen up the face in an instance and will improve circulation too! I also like to use a gentle face exfoliater to help remove the dullness which dead cells tend to cast on the face. To finish the skincare regime, a good hydrating eye cream, preferably one which depuffs, is a must. PS a nice shower helps too!!

2) Concealer is your best friend. I know the least you want to do is apply makeup. But I really just apply concealer under the eyes, which hides the dark circles, making you look more awake (sort of haha). I also like to apply black liquid liner and some mascara and finally I like to fill in my brows. And also a hint of blusher and a very subtle lipstick will do too.

My current favourite concealer!

3) Food. Night outs and maybe some alcohol will lead to bad eating. At least it happens to me. However, I never skip breakfast and the morning after I like to take a hard boiled egg, sliced and a toast with some butter. And a couple of glasses of water which will hydrate your body after the dehydration which alcohol brings!

4) Good and nice quality mattresses and pillows. If you only manage to sleep for just a few hours, just make sure you have good quality mattresses and pillows. It happened to me, when you go to a hotel or to sleep somewhere which is not your home, and they are just not the right thickness/softness etc. Sleeping would be a nightmare. (PS check out these mattresses.)

During the day? Make sure you keep drinking water and eat adequate food. I also find fruit smoothes also help in the hangover recovery!

What are your favourite hangover tips? Let me know below! 

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