Monday, February 1, 2016


Hi there again!! It has been a while now! 

Me and a dear friend of mine Lara from Every Beauty Addict's Bible, went on a little trip to our local MAC store. Well, actually we have 2. We went there to view the latest collections, with the intention of picking only 2 items, which was hard believe me, but I managed!

Lara, kindly enough posing for me :)

There are several collections in store right now. These are the Fearie Whispers Collection, the Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection and the Huggable Lips Collection.

Of all 3 collections, my favourite one was the Faerie Whispers. It just screams out to me! And honestly the colours are just perfect! So, earthy, so pretty and so just glowy and gorgeous. I seriously wanted to get every single product.

The Retro Matte liquid lipstick collection was just as gorgeous. However, I didn't get a lipstick, only because I just couldn't find the perfect shade. However, Lara got the Oh Lady one which looks gorgeous!! And she told me that it didn't budge on her so they are truly long lasting!

For some weird reason (mainly because I forgot), I didn't take a photo of the Huggable Lips collection! All I can tell is that the colours are very pretty and the scent is just yummy!

Here are the 2 products which I got from the Faerie Whispers Collection. The Iridescent powder is the perfect blend of a powder highlighter without looking too frosty or super highlighted. I find it perfect to wear even in daylight! But it can be built up for a more dramatic highlight! The lipstick is just the perfect nude brown shade for me. It is simply a stunning colour and it is available in the creamsheen formula, which is my favourite!

Did you pick anything up yet?



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