Monday, May 2, 2016

Avene Eau Thermale Launch in Malta

French Skincare is always top notch in my opinion. The French are always so meticulous about their skincare and probably that is why the best skincare brands are made in France.

Image from Avene Malta
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A couple of weeks back saw the launch of Avene - a skincare brand based purely on the Eau Thermale or Thermal Spring Water which emerges from the Saint-Odile spring in France. It is the capital of modern and scientific hydrotherapy. The Avene Hydrotherapy Center provides programmes aimed at all skin conditions which include Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and others.

The efficacy comes from the unique and original composition having a low mineral content and neutral pH of 7.5. It is ion-balanced with bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium and is also rich in trace elements such as copper and zinc which are beneficial to the skin.

The Avene Thermal Spring Water respects the physiological balance of sensitive skin hence maintaining the skin's balance. It reduces skin reactivity and reinforces the natural skin cell resistance. It is soothing and anti-irritating and can be used on absolutely everyone.

There is a range for everyone from very sensitive and Hypersensitive skin to Dehydrated skin and Oily skin. Anti aging skin care are also present in the range ranging from those aimed for the first appearance of wrinkles to the deep wrinkles.

Below find some of the photos provided by AVENE MALTA which took place at Villa Arrigo in Naxxar. Do not forget to check out AVENE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE TO CHECK WHERE THE RANGE IS STOCKED.

Image from Avene Malta

Image from Avene Malta
Have you tried anything from Avene? What is your Favourite product?



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