Monday, May 2, 2016

Pupa Milano Dot Shock Blusher Review

This post is long due, but I had  the craziest months. Anyway, today's blog post is on the Pupa Blusher from the Dot Shock Collection in 01 Dot Macarons (cute name right?!)

To be honest with you this was the first time I have tried a blusher in this form so to speak.

This blusher is just the most natural pinkish blusher I have in my collection. At first it scared me a bit as the colour of the 'balls' is quite bright, but when they are mixed together they create the most natural look ever. 
PS. I got several compliments when I wore this blush and that says something!
I love to use it with the sponge like which comes with it on the highest points of my cheekbones and then I blend it with a blush brush. You can just use the brush, it will just be slightly sheerer.

The colour lasts all day and it is not entirely matte, but its not shiny. It just has this satiny sheen which is just gorgeous.
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