Friday, May 20, 2016

MFWA 2016 DAY 6 - FreezeFrame by Natasha Meli presents Punk by Sequin

The First show of Malta for the night was Punk by Sequin presented by Freeze Frame Fashion. It is a new designer hub here in Malta. The designer - Natasha Meli offers a range of designer swimwear and apparel and jewellery pieces. These are available online as well at affordable prices. The range is a balanced mixture of punk and edginess which is somewhat balanced with sequins. The looks brought back memories of the 80's fashion era which was accompanied by some appropriate music! The Makeup was just amazing!!!
Below are some of my favourite photos of the show. I have to definitely visit the store! Ps do not forget to check out the
(Photos are by Neil Psaila)



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