Friday, May 20, 2016

MFWA 2016 Day 6 - Lilly Mae and Elena Miro, Basler and Marina Rinaldi

The last show Day 6 featured 3 designer brands Elena Miro, Balser and Marina Rinaldi. Their collections are available at Lilly Mae in Sliema, a shop which I have still yet to visit! Their collection consists of elegant and casual wear which is primarily aimed at fuller figures.

Elena Miro is an Italian brand which focuses on the sophistication which Italians are known for. The collection includes beautiful, colorful but peaceful colours. The colours together with the fabric material give the collection a timeless feel. The 2nd brand was the German brand Basler, which is aimed at a younger generation, encompassing edgy but yet flirty designs, also aimed towards the fuller figure. The last brand was Marina Rinaldi, who is famous for high quality fabrics and opulent fabrics for women with more voluptuous silhouettes.
(Photos by Neil Psaila)