Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MAC Waterweight SPF30 Foundation

MAC is a great brand, I have lots of favourites from the brand and this foundation which is quite a new addition to my collection has started to be an everyday thing.
Summer is coming up and I am somewhat picky with foundations (well I am always picky with foundations). I don't look for full on coverage, unless I have blemishes or so. Because, it will melt nonetheless, and it will get messy. So, back to this foundation.
This foundation has SPF 30 in it, which is not something I look for in a foundation. 

It is a light to maybe medium coverage and it is perfect for those days where you just need a wash of colour to even out your skin tone. And this foundation is perfect! It is that perfect foundation for everyday use. It comes with a dropper kind of applicator which is fine in a way. I mean I prefer the pump applicator but I don't mind it. I would typically use 4 drops depending on the coverage you want as it is quite a buildable foundation. 

It has no fragrance to it and it sits very comfortable on the skin. It lasts a very longtime without looking cakey or too oily on the face. Having said that, this foundation is not a matte foundation and not a dewy foundation. However, it is oil free so it didn't get too shiny on me baring in mind that my skin type is somewhat on the oily side.
It is a very fuss free foundation which just needs to be shaken well before and can be used with a dampened Beauty Blender or with a foundation brush.
I really suggest you trying this foundation out, at one of our local MAC stores in Sliema (if you are from Malta) or any store around the world.



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