Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 2 - Malta Fashion Week 2017 - The Gods, Vanity Rebels and Boho Goddess

Day 2 started with a collection named 'The Gods' by Herminas Reea who is a young Greco-Armenian designer based in Romania. The collection is inspired by the contemporary women's fragility and tenderness of the endless femininity and the magical beauty characterising the women seeing beauty as a goddess, or the woman believing in the beauty of the goddess. Herminas Reea's designes focus on lace and are handmade with diaphanous veils which highlight the women's innocence but at the same time her femininity and sensuality. 

Photos by Go Raw

Inspired by streetwear with a touch of Eas-London vibe, Parascandalo is know for mixing fabrics and textures to dramatic effect and to tell his own story with regards to Maltese Culture, politics and environmental issues.
The new collection 'Vanity Rebels' is inspired by youth and pop culture and contains delicate fabrics, embroidery and and a surprising mixture of patterns and textures. The PARASCANDALO staple, the t-shirt, has been reintroduced again into this collection turning it into a showpiece with the use of graphics. The t-shirts are partnered with deconstructed denim, comfy sweats and one-off unique patchwork pieces.

Photos by Go Raw 

The last show for the night was by Maria Cutajar who represented 'Boho Goddess'. Knowing Maria, she has always had a flair for Fashion and this year's Fall/Winter Collection is inspired from the bohemian lifestyle, which is describes the marginalised and impoverished artist. The main aim behind this collection is to empower the inner beauty of a woman and to make her inner artist emerge in the world of today.

Photos by Joseph Lungaro




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