Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mystical Branches by Yana's Jewellery

Yana Azzopardi, founder of Yana's Jewelry, is a self-thought designer with a family history of jewelry designers. This year's collection is entitled 'Mystical Branches'. It is inspired by some of Gustav Klimpt's works, mainly 'The Tree of Life' which symbolises ancient mythologies along with the correlation of Earth, Life and and the after world. Trees may look similar but no branch is identical and each grow in their unique ways.

Yana focused on the use of eccentric rope designs which represent the tree trunk and roots along with gold-wire wrapping which is interwined into bead textures and fabric designs which symbolises the tree;s branch spiralling details.

"No matter how different we can be, we all belong in one universe and share our unique individuality" -  Yana

Photos by RonPhotography




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