Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Malta Fashion Week 2017 - Day 1 - La Cupola and Unforgiven

Rosemarie Abela Fashion Studio launched the 2nd collection entitled La Cupola for AW17. The collection is targeted for women who are curious and it draws its inspiration from the Mosta Dome, Malta Skyline and the Neo Classical period. The style is quite a mixture of street style and simple sophisticated including arts, columns, doors and windows and silhouettes of the Mosta Dome. Iris Apfel was the inspiration behind these silhouettes. 

A monochrome colour palette with accents of dark blues and golds, black and whites accompanied with classic and refined textrues and fabrics. Black Neoprene playsuites, white high waist boxy pants were all paired with a detailed leather top with beautiful flowing pleated wool sleeves. Knitwear sleeveless dark navy dress followed topped up with twisted knitted dungaree which changes shape and reflects the Dome details. The collection ended with a white and gold combined skirt and top with leather closing details. Other unexpected fabrics included fabrics like fur, waterproof and perforated fabrics.

Lead Make-Up artist: Elaine Galea

Assistants: Karen Decelis, Claire Grech, Leonie Buhagiar, Henry Galea, Moni Torok
Lead Hair Stylist: Flavia Attard
Assistants: Katleen Saliba, Adrian Attard, Gary Westacott, Bernice Catania

The night ended with one of the most awaited designer - Unforgiven by Nilara. This years collection features extravagant sytels with a hint of risque, with stratigically placed slits and cut outs which flatter the female figure. There is a twist to the traditional ballgown with a theatrical injection. The collection is based on the primary colours - black and red which are combined with French lace and organza, satin, velvet and embroidered fabrics which all promise a fearless attitude.

Nilay's collection always take traditional styles and changes their perception which push the boundaries with innovative designs and cutting edge designs and techniques.

Lead makeup artist: Elaine Galea
Assistants: Rodianne Caruana, Henry Galea, Petra Abdilla, Moni Torok, Martina Bezzina, Fabienne Bezzina, Christine Gauci, Marilyn Caruana, Kelly Cassar Torreggiani, Marilyn Montanaro, Marina Muscat, Cristina Moncholi, Christelle Lays.

Lead hairstylist: Gary Westcott
Assistants: Katleen Saliba, Flavia Attard & team, Adrian Attard




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