Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rosita Silk Sense - Serendipity Collection, Nathan Micallef - Really Not Real

Silk designer Rosita gets inspired by the colours of her beautiful Lithuanian countryside encompassed in the rich Mediterranean hues. This year, Rosita presents her 'Serendipity' Collection at the Malta Fashion Week. Serendipity - the pleasure of being pleasantly surprised whilst not expected it. The collection is made up of short and long 100% pure silk Kaftans which are painted with traditional Japanese Shibori , Indonesian Batik and other techniques. Everything is hand made and hand painted and no two pieces are alike. The dresses are appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. There is something for men too in this collection. Rosita presented a selection of hand-painted and hand made Silk ties with matching pocket squares for that formal occasion.

Photos by: Go Raw Photography

Jewellery from Virag Anderrson
Photos by Steve Muliett

Natan Micallef is currently a student at the London College of Fashion . Through this collection he questions the aspects which surround his everyday life. He questions concepts of reality in contrast with the surreal scenarios portrayed within our every day doings by means of the fashion industry.

Photos by Miklos Xuereb




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