Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Malta Fashion Week - Day 4 - Gagliardi, Ef+facto and Poison

Day 4 

Photos credit to Ronald Camilleri Photography

Colonial  Safari Collection & La Dolce Vita, Rome Collection

The colour palette is verdant and alluring – Royal Blues, Light Greys, Navy Twills and Rich Browns. In hues of Navy, Light Stone and Taupe, as well as seasonal Raspberry, Tangerine, Caramel and Royal Blue, the collection presents perfectly-cut jackets, trousers, shorts and waistcoats that play on the classic men’s tailoring heritage of stripes, checks and weave structures. The nuances of safari-style shine through too, with ambling giraffes and proud acacia trees gracing the print detail of Gagliardi’s seasonal jackets, and African-inspired art, fabrics and poetry used in shirts, swim shorts, ties, hankies, bow ties, scarfs and knitwear. Fabrics, meanwhile, play to the seasonal warmth with 100% linen, cotton and sheepskin.  From 1950s colonial class to the embodiment of 2017 strength, the Gagliardi gentleman is timeless, tranquil and always on point.


This Italian collection is made from natural woven and bright colours. It launched its first 2 collections during Malta Fashion Week 2017. The items are Eco-friendly and trendy with bright colours . The Food & Flowers is the new Ef+facto collection is for the Spring and Summer of 2017. It is inspired by Lorena  Meyer and includes mini-dresses, blouses, palazzo pants, blouses and long dresses which give a gypsy-chic style.

Eymeric Franҫois - Poison

Eymeric Franҫois has been famously known in the Haute-Couture collection since 2000. He wants to make every woman seductive. Clothes are embroidered with metal pins, fur and zippers which all give a twist to the classic Parisian Couture.

The Poison collection is fascinated by the Red colour. It includes transparent fabrics, laces and corsets all embroidered with ribbons which give a sensual appeal to the women’s shape.


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