Friday, June 2, 2017

Malta Fashion Week- Day 5 - Suzana Peric and Ritienne Zammit

Suzana Peric is a Serbian designer who has a vision to create clothes in which women feel powerful, seductive, desirable and safe in any situation. The collection Dancing on Clouds gives a sense of sophistication and glamour with elegance and gentle tones to emphasize femininity.

All photos thanks to Neil Psaila

Ritienne Zammit

Rtienne is a favourite designer amongst the Maltese community as she incorporates historical and political aspects in her collection. This year's collection focuses on the Maltese capital city - Valletta. Her collection reflects the mysterious and famous occurrences that have occurred throughout these centuries. She includes architectural designs from the Baroque, Mannerist and Neo-Classical Period. As always, Ritienne impressed with everyone with the way she captures the beauty of our islands in her impeccable creations.




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