Sunday, November 19, 2017

Teoxane RHA Lip Sculpt

The lips can show signs of ageing much before other areas. With age there is dehyrdation and loss of fat mass around the lip contour and fine wrinkles start to appear.

Teoxane RHA®  lip sculpt is for lips and lip contour to provide volume, hydration and anti-ageing protection, in an ultra-fresh serum formula. It contains a concentrate of active ingredients recognized for giving your lips volume, hydration and anti-ageing protection. It also has a cold-effect applicator tip soothe the most weakened skin, especially following a professional cosmetic procedure. As a result the lips are ideally moisturized, plumped and shaped. The lip contour is lifted and redefined.
Teoxane RHA® lip’sculpt can also be used after lip sculpting or rejuvenation with Hyaluronic Acid injections, to prolong the results of the treatment.
Personally, I do not have any wrinkles around the lips or contour area. I love to use this product for its hydrating properties. I find that it really hydrated the skin and it will  help with the prevention of wrinkle formation. I honestly didn't really notice any difference when it comes to plumping up the lips. However, I don't have any wrinkles or whatsoever yet. Having said that, I use this Lip Serum before going to sleep and I find that in the morning the lips are quite hydrated and smooth. I love to use it as a lip primer too around 30 minutes before I put on a longlasting lip colour. 
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