Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colour Correcting - Essence and Catrice

Last December I was sent some products from Essence and Catrice. As you all know these are frequently used in my blog and I do have several staples from both brands. 

I haven never been a big fan of colour correcting of any sort. I always found that it always ends up being too much products on the face. Having said that I do have quite dark under eyes circles. So, I thought of giving these products a try.

Please bear in mind that you still need to apply concealer and foundation after using colour correcting techniques. 

The below product is the Essence Correct to Perfect cc Concealer Palette.

The 4 shades are all cream shades and each colour basically neutralises a particular colour on the face. For example: Green neutralises redness, Yellow neutralises darker shadows in darker skin tones, Peach neutralises dark shadows in fair skin and Lavender balances sallowness.

The consistency is neither too think or thin and gives quite medium coverage I would say. 
I did try all the shades except the Lavender one. The green colour did really counteract the redness around spots. Coming to the yellow and peach shades. It is suggested that the peach one is suitable more for the fair skin tones and the yellow for the darker skin tones. I did try both the yellow and the peach shade. However, although I do have a deeper skin tone I found that the peach colour was more suitable for me for the undereyes. It also neutralised the dark circles more than the yellow shade.

The next product is the Catrice Colour Neutralizer Mattifying Powder. 

The powder has basically the same 4 shades however, in powder form. 

I did try to use each shade separately, however, I prefer using a sweep of all the 4 shades all over the face as an all over powder. 

All in all, I did enjoy both products especially the Essence one. Having said that I do feel that this is an extra step which I like to do when I want extra full face of makeup. I do suggest trying these products out if you want to start experimenting with colour correcting. 

Below are the before and after using these products.

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