Friday, May 18, 2018

Hello Summer (soon enough!) - Artdeco glossy lip oil

Well, summer is approaching and although I am a huge fan of winter, I am really looking forward for this summer. Most probably I will still be fed up of all the heat in June already :).

I have teamed up with Artdeco to bring you 2 of my favourite tips on how to prep your skin before summer. This is TIP number 2. Check out tip number 1 here

This post about Lips. I tend to have dry lips all year round and I always have a sort of lip balm in my bag. The Artdeco glossy Lip Oil gives your lips a sheer color while nourishing them and makes them look extra glossy and softly smooth at the same time. This Glossy Lip Oil has some very good ingredients which include raspberry seed oil. It is parabens free and is also non sticky!



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