Monday, May 14, 2018

Hello Summer (soon enough!) - Artdeco Senses Asian Spa

Well, summer is approaching and although I am a huge fan of winter, I am really looking forward for this summer. Most probably I will still be fed up of all the heat in June already :).

I have teamed up with Artdeco to bring you 2 of my favourite tips on how to prep your skin before summer. This is TIP no. 1.

 One of my holy grail products is a good scrub. I think it is the best way to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin especially on the legs. Among other things, a good scrub helps with circulation and with cellular turn over. Skin lotions will then be able to penetrate the skin more to give optimal hydration.

A scrub which I am really loving at the moment is the Artdeco Senses Asian Spa Refining Body Scrub. I started using this scrub very frequently as it is quiet gentle  but at the same time still effective at removing dead skin. It has fine granules which makes it safe to use frequently and has the gentle fragrance of the white lotus flower and rice milk which leave the skin with a light fragrance.

I then follow up with the Artdeco Hydrating Body lotion. This body lotion is quiet gentle and is absorbed quickly without leaving the skin oily or greasy. It is paraben free. It leaves a pleasant scent on the skin thanks to the rice milk and white lotus extracts and leaves it quiet smooth and hydrated.



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