Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall inspiration

Although we're just finishing August and we're soon starting September which brings about Fall or Autumn. Here, we're still drenched in heat and humidity but I was inspired to do a series of Fall look that can be fun to wearto everyday and possibly when going out too.

So, I started with applying foundation. and powdering the face.
The next step would be priming the eyelids. Primers are essential to prevent creasing and to bring out the true colour of the eyeshadow.
 Apply the primer with the ring finger.

Next I am using an eyeshadow which is very like my skin colour. Apply this all  over the eyelids.

I used the 1st eyeshadow from the 2nd row.
Next I used a highlight eyeshadow which is the 4th colour. It is like a pearly colour.

The next step is to apply a plum eyeshadow which has like gold glitter. I used the 1st eyeshadow from the previous quad.

I applied the eyeshadow 1st in the crease then blending inwards on the lid.

Next take an eyeshadow which is kind of brownish grey. I used this eyeshadow in Molten Bronze from the Nature s minerals by The Body Shop. I used an applicator because it is a pigment eyeshadow not a pressed eyeshadow. This way the eyeshadow doesn't end up everywhere.

Take a coppery orange colour like this one (the last colour)

and I applied to the centre of the lids to give the eyes a pop of colour.

Next take the golden plum and line your lower lash line. Take a brown eyeliner and line your upper lash line as close to the lashes as possible. Apply the brown liner on the bottom lash line on the golden plum eyeshadow.

Define your eyebrows and apply mascara.

Apply a little bit of bronzer jsut under your cheek bone to define your cheeks. And finally for the lips. I chose to apply a little bit of pale lip gloss.

And you're done!!

Hope you enjoyed it!
PS. This is my first time doing tutorials. Comment below whether you like it :)


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