Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall inspiration (2) - Brown Reds

Hi everyone,
So I thought again of doing another look idea for the coming fall. This time I thought about the colours brownish reds and some browns. It is something different for the night, however, it can be transformed to light makeup by applying less layers of eyeshadow to just hints of colours.

So, Let's begin....

1st thing is to prime the eyelides with an eyeshadow base to create an even base for the eyeshadows to stick to.

Take some of the base to the lower lash line. Careful not to put the base on the water line!

Next I used a cream shadow stick in pink (shown below) on the whole eyelid. This eyeshadow stick is just great as all the eyeshadows on it do not crease! Not even in the humidity!


 Here comes the fun part! Ok, so take a reddish brown eyeshadow like the one I used (the 1st one from the last row) and apply it on the whole eyelid. Intensify the colour as much as you want to.
 Then I used the colour next to it which is just slightly darker/brownier and applied it to the centre of the lids. Layering colours helps the colours blend more and creates a tranition of colours.

 Brown eye shadow is next. I used the brown which is the last colour shown in the picture on the right. It is like a milk chocolate brown. I applied this brown to the outer part of the eye and in the crease. This brown adds definition and dimention to the eyeshadows.

 Take a little bit of the darker red we used in the centre of the lids and apply it under the lower lash line.

Apply brown eyeliner.

 Take a Cream non shimmery eyeshadow and apply it under the eyebrows as a highlighter.
I used the cream eyeshadow from the column before the last next to the bright pink.

Then take a champagne coloured (like the one besides the cream eyeseyeshadow and a hint of white eyeshadow and apply them in the inner corner of the eye to brighten up a bit the eyes.

Define the Brows and apply Black mascara.

Apply a natural coloured blush like the one below.

As for the lips I kept them natural. I just applied a clear lightly pink coloured lip gloss. Or you can use a natural coloured lipstick and/or lipgloss. You can use a slightly darker natural lipcolour for the night.


Hope you enjoyed it!



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