Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Purple love

Not long ago my love for colours began. I was more inclined towards browns and neutrals whether for make up or for clothes. Especially in Autumn! However, I though what about colours for autumn?
So.... I began with purple.....

Begin with a clean face and apply foundation and powder.

 Apply an eyeshadow base to even out the eye area.

Next, I applied a light blue cream eyeshadow. I used the one below with my ring finger and patted it on the eyelids.

I applied the purple eyeshadow afterwards. ( I used the the last violet colour ) I applied it to the outer part of the eyelids blending inwards and upwards without going in the inner most part of the eye.

To deepen a bit the eyeshadow I used the second eyeshadow from the left picture. It looks like black but it is a very dark purple.

I used this violet in my outer part. Create a v like shape from the outer corner to the lash line and blend.

Define Brows. I used the dark greyish brown shown below. And highlight your under the brows area using a non shimmery light colour, such as the cream shown on the left (the 1st cream colour).

Apply 1st black pencil liner then liquid liner to create a soft but defined look at the same time.

 Using a purple eyeliner line the bottom lash line.

Apply mascara

Apply a blusher. Try to avoid pink blushers as these clash with the cool violet eyeshadow. Use one which has a more warm tone to it like light browns or terracotta colours.

For the lips I used a lip colour with a peachy corally colour like the one on the side (which look a bit pink).

Top it up with a lipgloss!

And you're done!


Hope you have enjoyed it! And have fun with colours!



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