Monday, June 18, 2012

Essence and Catrice Review

Hello Guys :)

I have another review for you.! I have so many products that I thought about reviewing that I am actually writing the products down!

In my last blog post I reviewed 2 essence products. And today I have some essence and a catrice product.

The first one is a lipstick by  essence:

I have to say that I absolutely hate this product.....its a frosted pink shade... which just looks awful! when you put it on your lips its like having this pink with silver frost! I just regret buying it but alas...

Next up is the Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in Brow-n-eyed peas. I think this is the darkest eyebrow colour that they have however I am not entirely sure! It is the perfect shade for my black eyebrows. However you eally have to warm it up a little bit on the hand before using it.

This is very late... I have had this palette for months and I kind of forgot to review it! I think it was a limited edition!  I just love the colours! they are so pigmented and silky and smooth. They glide really easy! Hope this is available! However, if it is not, you really should try some essence eyeshadows I think they are just gorgeous!

Untill then!

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