Monday, July 9, 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick Review/Swatches

Hello everyone :)

So summer is really blazing in and its already in the 2nd week. We've been having a lot of heat sun and humidity which makes it all much worse. With the heat comes along some degree of dryness.. I don't have particularly dry skin. However,  I do have dry lips, whether it is summer winter.. my lips are very dry all year round so I tend to move away from lipsticks and glosses and head more towards lip balms and lip tints and that kind of genre.

Having said that I am in love with L'Oreal lipsticks from the Color Riche range..they feel very much like lip balms but pigmented as much as lipsticks would be. Some of them are matte but still with the lip balm feel and some others are kind of shimmery. 

Their taste is just gorgeous. Some have kind of candy taste, others have this berry taste, they all really feel great on the lips. And you would know at once when a lipstick shelf life is up because one which I had (but its not pictures here) turned out to have this strong smell that old lipsticks have. 

With regards to staying power, they are sort of lip balms so as with other lip balms they aren't meant to last all day. But they are really easy to apply and they don't smear or feather out. So you would really apply them as if you would when using lip balms.

They have been out for years I believe and there are tons of shades so you would surely find a shade suitable for you. I believe they retail around 9 euros however, I am not entirely sure as I had mine for ages and I really do not remember.

So below are some pictures of the shades that I have.

 The above shade is slightly more reddish in colour.



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