Sunday, June 10, 2012

Essence Eyeliners Review

Hello guys !

Long time no write (or read!)
yes and this is because I have had exams and I was really busy as you might be able to imagine.
Anyways I have made (still adding things all the time) a list of products to review. The first one is about Essence Eyeliners.

I am fairly new to the Essence brand but I can say that I am quiet in love with 2 of their eyeliners.

The first one is the essence long lasting eye pencil in Black Fever. The 2 words 'long lasting' might confuse some people into thinking that they mean waterproof. Not at all. It means that the colour stays put and it doesnt sort of fade out.

This eyeliner really stays for quiet a long time and it is a really rich black. For the price (I believe it was 3 euros or something in that range) I would definately buy it for an everyday eyeliner.

However, I tend to have very oily lids, and in summer especially due to the heat and sweat and humidity.. it gets worse. So I need more drastic measures... Waterproof Eyeliners. And this is where the essence liquid eyeliner waterproof comes in.

I was really confused at first.. but in a sort of good way. When I used it in the first time I used it for a whole day and it didn't smudge at all. I was really surprised with it that I couldnt sort of believe it. So I tried it on a sunny day and it didn't budge! Last test was when I went to the beach and had a swim. And it didnt smear smudge or anything. It stayed as if I have just applied it! I am really happy with this product so I would 101% buy it again. Plus not to mention the price which was the same as the pencil liner I think or in the whereabouts. It creates fine and precise lines! I have had it for a couple of months now and it didnt dry out ! I dont think I can find a problem or fault with this one!

So the one at the bottom is the pencil liner. And the 2 above it are the of the same liquid liner.
There was a bit of smudging in the middle one because I pressed the 'paint' brush (sort of ) of the eyeliner very hard ..  oh and the liquid liner dries to a matte finish. It appears glossy as I didnt give it enough time to dry :)

Final Verdict:

I would absolutely recommend the waterproof liquid liner. And for those of you who prefer pencil liners and do not have oily lids I would really recommend the pencil liner.

I have a couple more of eyeliners to review soon!


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