Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse and Gentle Daily Exfoliant Review

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Today's post is a review on a pretty new skin care brand for me. This is the Alpha-H. You can buy Alpha-H products Here. It is kind of an unusual post as I will feature 2 products. But the reason behind this is that I use these products interchangeably, so I thought it would be best to feature them all together (not that they say you have to do so).

The products are the Micro Cleanse:

The Gentle Daily Exfoliant:

I'll start by the Micro Cleanse one.

As the directions suggest. I do not suggest using this every night. I have combination skin so I can get away with using it 3 times a week. But for normal skin 1-2 times is enough. I do not suggest this for people with dry sensitive skin.  It is a MUST to use sunscreen after using it. I suggest using this at night before going to sleep. Use SPF in the morning.
So, I just dampen my face with water and apply a small amount like a normal scrub. Then rinse with warm water.

It has a kind of gritty feeling (like a scrub). The face may become slightly red due to the glycolic acid present and you may feel a slight tinge. That is why I do not suggest it for people with sensitive skin.

On the whole this product really removed the dead cells and made the skin feel and look kind of smoother. It is weird but in the morning it actually made my face look kind of clearer and brighter. I think it really removed the dirt so much that the night cream that I use before sleeping, could sink in the skin and do its job much better.

The Gentle Daily Exfoliant

The product comes with a kind of spatula. You dampen your face (they suggest using it after cleansing. However, I tend to use it on its own), take the spatula and apply a kind of hazelnut size, just enough to cover the end of the spatula, and apply it on your fingers. Rub the powder between your fingers to create a paste, and use it like a normal cleanser/mask.

What I really like is that it doesn't have harsh chemicals or so and it is pretty natural. I tend to use this product in the morning and they say that it is gentle enough to use it every day. However, in winter I was finding that it was drying my skin a bit so I used it like 4 times a week.

I really love the way that it makes my skin cleaner and somewhat brighter as well. I tend to be picky about cleansing and mask type products as some of them tend to contain way too much soap and chemicals.

I believe it is much safer to use for people with dry and sensitive skin, however one should adapt the frequency to their individual preference.

So, that is all! I am sorry it was a bit long... :)
I would probably repurchase either both of them or so..

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