Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mini Clothes Haul (Promod, SuiteBlanco..) and Bazaar!

Hello guys :)

I am not really a fashion type of girl.. I just like to buy pieces which aren't necessarily the kind of currently fashion hype (if you get it haha). I just like buy pieces which I know I am going to wear for ages. That's why I tend to go with brands like Dorothy Perkins, Promod, Zara... clothing which you can wear any year.

Anyways, so I just recently purchased a couple of clothing items, as well as some bags from the Bazaar in our locality.

These are the items that I got:

SuiteBlanco 22.99euros
SuiteBlanco 21.99 euros
Promod 29.95 euros (I think)
Random Shop in Plaza..(forgot the name) 15.90 euros

On the Bazaar things..

I think I paid like 2 euros for these bags. I am obsessed with the brown hand bag. I think I would wear the red and cream one for summer. I haven't worn the black hand bag yet..

I find that Bazaars are a great way to find some good stuff :)

Hope you liked it !



  1. Beautiful clothes and bags !! I love fashion, but I also tend to go for clothing items and accessories which are considered timeless, rather than those which will be out of style within a few months....Amazing blog, hope to see many more posts in the future ! :)

    1. hey :) thanks dear! even I and my favourite shops arent the cheapest either...