Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 Makeup tips for Glasses

 Glasses can be a fashion statement nowadays so...

So, in this video I share some of the tips and tricks which I use when I am applying my makeup however, when wearing glasses.

Just as a summary:

1) Concealers - Use first a salmon/peach coloured concealer to counteract the dark circles, then apply a yellowish concealer to brighten up the area. Do not forget to set with powder if needed.

2) Eyeshadow - Use an eyeshadow primer which will help the shadows to stay longer. Use neutral and light and non shimmery colours so as to brighten up the eyes without looking like a disco ball! You can use a medium-dark colour to define the eyes however, stay away from dark smokey eyes unless you have large eyes and you want them to look smaller.

3) Eyeliner - You can use any colour which you like. I tend to stick with black. I prefer using gel liners simply because they are more subtle then liquid ones and stay much longer then pencil liners. Line the upper lash line only if you want to make your eyes look bigger. Line both upper lash line and lower one to make your eyes look smaller.

4) Nude eyeliner - Use it on the water line to brighten and to enlarge the eyes.

5) Mascara - Use your fave one but stay away from super lengthening ones as your eyelashes might bump with your glasses and it becomes rather annoying.

6) Eyebrows - A must!! Defined eyebrows make a huge difference to the face. They make the face more symmetrical and framed. Use either eyeshadow or pencil. Anything.

7) Bronzer - I love to give my cheeks a little bit of definition. Use a matte bronzer/contour powder and apply it under your cheekbone.

8) Blusher- I love some light and bright blusher on the cheeks and cheek bones just to brighten up the face. However, use any colour you like.

9) Highlighters - I am not a big fan of highlighting but what I love to do is to apply a light matte shadow under the brows (on the brow bone).

10) Lips - Anything goes seriously. Just play around.

Hope you find these tips helpful!




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