Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I have a review about the 2nd product I got sent from Pupa Milano Malta.

If you are into beauty products and things I am pretty sure you must have heard of the BB cream craze. It has been around for the past year or more I think. And now every brand has come out with one. I have to admit as I have admitted many times that BB creams aren't something I look up to. I put my faith in foundation all the time and if I want a sheer coverage I'll just dampen the brush and apply less foundation.

Anyways, I was sent this product to review. For me this shade is a tiny bit orangey and I am quiet tanned mind you. However, I have a yellowish undertone. 

The product comes in 2 shades. Nude and Sand in which Sand (the shade I got) is the darkest of both.
It could be a disadvantage as there are only 2 shades which probably won't cater for a lot of skin tones. The shade doesn't match exactly my skin tone, however it somehow blends easily in the skin to give an even colour all over the face.

This BB crem provides a sheer coverage and won't cover spots or blemishes. This is quiet understandable as it is not meant for this purpose. The finish is not a matte one and I needed to powder the face to remove the excess shine. I am not sure if it is suitable for every skin type, however it is suitable for combination skin as it didn't make my face oilier. 

Staying powder is very subjective. We have a lot of humidity here in Malta so it really tests the product out. I would typically wear foundation for whole day makeup, but this BB cream seemed to last quiet a long time. 

I am not sure about the primer function of this cream however. Since it is slightly darker for me it made my foundation go a tiny bit darker. This could be beneficial if maybe your foundation is slightly lighter and you don't want to buy a new foundation. I found that I had way too much on my face when I layered foundation on this primer.

The price for this product is 15.90 euros, which is not bad I guess for such a product. I think you should give this a try if you would like a sheer coverage product instead of the usual foundation. Pupa Milan products are available in various stores around Malta.

Check the Pupa Milano website here and their facebook page here.



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