Sunday, September 22, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics Kaolin Clay Mask Review

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I have been absent a bit from here in terms of reviews. Apologies. As fast as summer is ending (although we still have some nice days here) I am kind of looking forward to winter. I love winter!

I adore masks, especially the deep cleansing ones, the ones which make your skin feel deep cleaned. Usually these kind of masks tend to be a bit drying and it is a must not to use them frequently.

I have been loving products from Michael Todd True Organics for the past year or so. However, this mask is a product which baffles me. 

Lets start with the positive things. It does truly deep cleanse your face and makes it much brighter by removing the dirt in the pores and such. For that I adore this product. It does not dry the face that much but I wouldn't suggest using it frequently. As a Deep Cleansing mask it does wonders and more over it is made of very natural products and it is vegan. 100 marks for that!

Moving on to the not so positive points. I dont want to sound negative. I love this mask but some things I am not sure about them.  It has this strong smell of clay. I find it overpowering sometimes and I am not sensitive or so. But while applying it the smell is sometimes too much. However, once on the face the smell fades away.

I have to say it. The mask stings my face like crazy at times. Especially when I cleanse my face before which as far as my knowledge goes, is what you are supposed to do. And it's not like I use a super deep cleanser or something. And I don't apply it near the eyes or so. However, the cheek area/apples of the cheeks is the the area where the stinging occurs. I manage to survive and after washing it off no redness or burning sensation or so is left. I have no irritation or breakouts or things after using this. So, sensitive skin people beware!

Another thing is the difficulty I find when washing it off my face. It has this brownish/reddish colour which is a bit annoying. I usually leave it for around 10 minutes and sometimes the mask just sinks in the skin and wont budge with just water. I have to use a kind of muslin cloth and gently rub the face with water to remove it. It is a bit of a pain. You have to cleanse or tone or whatever, after rinsing off the mask as some residue remains!

It is as if I rambled negatively about this mask. However, I would like to try it again as I am pretty sure that the stinging is something normal. I had the sample size of this and I don't have any acne so I wouldn't know the full benefits. 

Find more information here on their website.
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