Sunday, January 5, 2014

Macademia Deep Repair Mask

This Macademia Deep Repair Mask was very hyped about this past year or two. 
Now, I was a bit excited and somewhat reluctant to try this product out. Simply because sometimes I think that some products are being given too much hype and sometimes when I do have the opportunity to try one of these products I would end up having high expectations. But then I wonder why all the hype around it as it turns out to be an ok product for me.
 Anyways, I had to try this one out because I have somewhat dry hair and it looked promising.

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First of all, yes it smells amazing and divine and I  got hooked on it! I use fairly hydrating things and work wonders and so I decided to use it once a week as it is advertised as being deep treatment. Not that it will do any harm to hair. But I decided to stick to the instructions.

Yes, it did make a difference to my hair. It felt more supple and hydrated and nourished. So, good points for that. I kept using it once a week or so  (keeping in mind that I wash my hair 2-3 a week).  What I did find quite strange is that I assumed and expected it to be more deep hydrating and everything. I mean I got the same effect with other hair masks.

Another point is that I found that I needed quite a generous amount of the product to make a real difference to the state of my hair. Hence I think I ended up using it quickly.  I also found that the smoothness and hydration didn't last for a very long time. Maybe for 2 days. So, I am not sure about it there.

However, I figured out that it would be a great mask for people who wash their hair every day or every other day although you might end up using it very fast. This also depends on the amount of hair you have. For me I have quite a generous amount and it isn't fine by any means. It is quite thick.

So, all in all, I am not sure about this mask. I might actually use something different and then come back to it so as to see how it matches up with the other masks that I use. Also, keep in mind that is fairly pricey compared to other masks.

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Have you tried it out? What do you think about it?



  1. I have used it for more than 4 months, and yes it did make a difference...yes it is pricey..but strangely it much more cheaper if you buy it from Malta.. I would suggest that after using this mask use argan oil on wet hair and when you dry it you will have shiny, silky your blog x

    1. I love argan oil! it does wonders to my hair! I like the mask. its just sometimes things are a bit over hyped and you expect miraculous things :/

  2. I love my Tres Emme recontructing hair mask, you should try it, even though I've never tried this one, I'm really impressed with that one, so I don't feel the need to go splurging on this one any time soon x

  3. Dyna :) cause i cannot reply to your comment :) I have been meaning to try that mask for ages *writes it down* thanks for reminding me!