Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Braces Experience + Confidence

This is a different post. I am going to be a bit personal with you all. I have been contemplating of doing this post for days but I have made up my mind and so here it is.

One might think that I am a very confidant person, which I am and I am not. I am still a shy person although I think I have improved a lot. Making Youtube videos certainly helped but one might think that people who are on TV or Youtube or whatever are not shy. They can still be shy people.

I was debating with myself whether to do fixed braces or not. My front tooth was annoying me in the sense that when I looked at the pictures of me and I am smiling I immediately look at the  crooked tooth. A lot of people told me that it is not that noticable. And there were months were I used to think 'it is not that bad after all'.

I also didn't want to have visible fixed braces. A friend of mine had them done and they weren't that noticable. A class mate of mine (now workmate ) had them done by the same Orthodentist.

I made up my mind. 

I had to do them. They are an investiment I can assure you. But is it worth it ? Well I have around 15 months with them on. Around a year left! I have to go to the dentist evry 2-3 weeks to have them tightened. And 3 of my brackets came lose, which yeah brings me to the point that No you cannot eat everything. Some of the foods I cannot eat are : beef burgers, the maltese ftira and maltese bread, pizza, chicken fillets... A bracket came loose because of a piece of chicken fillet and another one came loose because of the pizza which I wasn't eating the outside bit. But Anyways, yes sacrifices. I cannot have sweets or chocolate. Or any chewy sticky things. Or any steak or rack of ribs or any peanuts or so. You get the idea.

I felt somewhat conscious about them at first but slowly I am starting to learn what to eat and how to smile without making them visible. Stuff which may sound stupid but yeah which made me conscious.

I feel like I am rambling too much! So, I just wanted to show you the progress! Btw I had 2 teeth extracted as well!

After 2 months

I hope this gives you some courage if you are still uncertain on maybe doing the braces or anything! 

Thanks for your constant support :)




  1. Woot your teeth look so good! hahaha I had braces too and I totally understand what you mean about the whole confidence thing. I totally felt like it was a good investment, for sure - I mean it does suck that we werent able to eat a tonne of stuff, but I suppose in the long run, I'd definitely prefer a beautiful smile and skipping out on certain foods than the other way around!!


    1. You are so sweet :) I totally agree with you! and I think that nothing comes free in life so a little bit of sacrifice and we re there :) xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Definitely a confident boost !!!

    1. I just saw your comment! Oh I am glad it was helpful!! and encouraging!

  3. I'm getting mine in 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Hopefully, people who are thinking about having braces read your post. Getting braces could be quite a chore, but the end-result is great. You will have to adjust some of your previous habits and even your diet for a while, but it will all be worth it. Hang in there, and let's hope these issues won't crop up very often. Take care!

    Kenny Green @ Anchorage Healthy Smile Center

    1. I have to apologize for the late reply! It is actually quite a chore and to be honest I miss certain foods!!! but 9 months have almost already passed which is crazy!!! so, i think I can bear with it :D thanks a lot for your support!

  5. The journey of having braces can realy be difficult. It requires so much adjustments, from the way you eat, the way you talk, etc. It can also give you so much pain and discomfort, but the results it can give you will surely be worth it all. Just think of the beautiful teeth and confident smile you'll have, once you're done. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Marija! All the best to you!

    Alexis Jensen @ Kelleher Ortho