Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Soap and Glory Flake Away Scrub Review

I just love me some good old scrubs on my body and even on my face. There is something which makes me feel good when I scrub my body, I guess it has to be with the scrubbing motion improving the circulation and what not. 

I use scrubs all year round however, I tend to use different ones in winter. I haven't actually tried a lot of scrubbing brands as such which my all time favourite being the ones by Body Shop.

While I was in the UK last year for IMATS which I totally missed this year, I couldn't simply skip trying this out. First of all the tub is just huge and it took me ages to finish it up and I used it quiet frequently.

It has some very nice and good ingredients which give the scrub a yummy fragrance to it. It is certainly a sweet scent so if you're more into fruity scents I am not sure whether you'd like this or not.

This scrub contains some natural kind of exfoliants. They are very different from the synthetic beads which I kind of don't like as much. I prefer a kind of good old sugary scrub kind of thing. Having said that this is not the harshest scrub out there which I think is a good thing. 

It gets rid of the dry skin effectively and it doesn't make the skin dry out as much. I mean it dries the skin to some extent but I always suggest to moisturise the skin after wards. I find that products get in the skin much better after a good scrubbin. 

As with a lot of things, sadly enough this is not available in Malta and it is the main reason why I probably won't repurchase it again. I would, however repurchase it if I happen to be in the UK again. 

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