Monday, July 14, 2014

Lierac Coherence L. IR Day and Night Lifting Cream Review

The reason why I have been absent for quite a while is pretty simple. I was just enjoying summer and I know that if I am committed to something I should stick to it. However, I work on a shift basis and some times on my off days all I want to do is to go out and have fun. So, sorry for the delays :) Now, on to the review.

I don't have any wrinkles so far! Thank God. But there again I am still 23 so I am not expecting to have any yet. But I like to take care of my skin not excessively but basic skincare regimes and then using one or two 'special' creams. I don't go to do facials that often and in my life I have only done 1 facial which felt quite good actually. But I prefer taking care of my own skin myself.

Months back I attended a Lierac event and in this event we were given some goodies to try out. One of them was this Coherence L.IR Day and Night Lifting Cream. It claims to redefine the oval shape of th face, firms the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. If I'm not picky on anything I am very picky on my night creams. Let's just say that this is one of my favourite ones.

First of all, it has this subtle fragrance which I cannot get over with and I cannot figure out what it is. But secondly, this night cream doesn't leave my skin greasy in the morning. I find that it is quickly absorbed in the skin. After using it my skin feels very mositurised and sort of plumped as well. Now as I said I cannot say that it really diminished my wrinkles as I don't have any. However, my skin felt really comfortable with it and it felt smooth and not tight. I have also used it in the morning and it works as fine. 

Lierac suggests using it in the following manner:

"Lightly apply to the forehead, cheeks and chin from the middle of the face working towards the exterior, then descend the median line until your neck, not forgetting above and below the lips. Lastly, press lightly with flat hands, separate your fingers stretching them gently towards the temples towards the hairline."

My final thoughts? I would give the cream a go if you are looking into trying anti aging cream! Moreover it is never too late to start taking care of your skin. Check the link Lierac Malta Website to know where you can get the products from in Malta. 

Hope that Review helped!




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