Monday, October 12, 2015

People & Skin Botox and Cosmetic Surgery Event

I am so late in writing this post. However, here it is. Several weeks ago I was cordially invited to an event about Botox and Cosmetic surgery which to be honest I am not planning to do maybe ever. But, it is always interested to learn new things. I must say I attended this event right after work so all the photo credits go to Lara from Every Beauty Addict's Bible.

The event was organised by the newly opened People & Skin which is run by Dr. Joanna Delia. The event was held at the Lily Agius Art Gallery in Sliema which made the presentation perfect! We were given presentation by  Dr. Foued Hamza on Liposuction, Body Sculpting and Breast  Reduction/Enhancement Surgery. Another presentation was about Implant and Restorative Dentistry by Dr. Joseph XuerebMs. Linda Briggs posed as a model for a Botox  application and dermal fillers administered by Dr Joanna Delia.  Ms. Briggs is involved in personal cosmetic and surgical advice and services in the UK and all over Europe. Actually, Malta is also one of  her operation centers.

During all the presentations we were given insights on new technologies on how to achieve the desired results with minimal damage and scars possible. 

On a final note , during the presentation we were also served refreshments from Manuel's Kitchen.

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