Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

I neglected my blog for a while now and I am finding it very strange to write a review. So, apologies beforehand. 

This year has been the year where I changed and unthinkable amount of foundation shades. Apparently my skin tone is a very difficult one in terms of finding the right colour.

One of the foundations that I was using this summer was the Revlon Color Stay foundation. Excuse me for the messy bottle but I will explain why later.

The first thing you can notice is that the foundation I chose is one for normal to dry skin. I was watching one of the videos by Makeup by TiffanyD and she had mentioned that this actually performs better than the one for oily skin.
Anyways, just to make it clear it didn't make my face shiny either so I didn't have problem with that. The shade was actually a bit dark for me but I tan quickly so it wasn't that big of a problem. 
I love how the foundation sits on the face. It has a medium to slightly full coverage with a nice slightly dewy finish. It doesn't look pasty or feel heavy on the skin. It does have SPF so beware of flash photography.
I don't imagine myself wearing foundation for 24hrs but I didn't take it literally as I rarely believe these claims. However, it is very long lasting. During the past summer I had to wear makeup on a regular basis and sometimes for a period of 12 hours. So, it was a good test.
I don't remember the actual price of this foundation but I realised that some so called drugstore brands are really putting up their prices!

My biggest dislike about this foundation is the no pump thingy.
It is usually no big deal if I absolutely love the product. But I cannot complain enough how dirty the bottle which oh btw is glass and is kind of heavy as well, gets. 

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