Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bling Bling Jewellery

Last week I was cordially invited to an event organised by a local company 'Bling Bling'. I cannot resist myself when it comes to jewellery so this was one of those events when I knew I was going to get something.

The lovely Marise invited some guests to the event and it all started by a Makeup session by Makeup artist Becky Mallia using the 'ColourMeBeautiful' Cosmetics for the first time. There was a demonstration on a natural everyday type of look with the gorgeous model Linda Galea Debono and a demonstration for an evening look with model Fleur Marie Cilia Buckett.

We were also given an introduction about the brand 'Colour Me Beautiful' by a very sweet lady, Melanie Geraghty. This is a makeup brand which specialises in mineral makeup. Melanie is a colour consultant who basically analyses your skin colour and body shape and will tell you the colours which suite you best, and it is not just makeup, fashion items are also included. More information can be found here.

I have to say the truth. I was amazed about the variety of jewellery which is offered by BlingBling. First of all there is a large selection of items which are stainless steel which is a big plus for me. Secondly, the prices are just great! Oh and I am pretty sure that if you go you will find something which suits your tastes as there are pieces which are timeless and then there are other pieces which are more fashion forward.

Below are some photos I took of the event.

I actually ended up going a couple of days after the event to get 2 a couple of these bracelets. What is  great about these is that they are mostly stainless steel and they can easily be layered together to create a unique statement piece.

Apart from fashionable pieces Bling Bling carries brands which are maybe more targeted for a more elegant or smart approach such as a particular occasion.

I didn't get anything on that day, however, a couple of days later I went and some gorgeous things! Check them out below.

The above bracelet is also available in a gold colour which I am thinking of getting in the near future!

I was looking for a bracelet which will go perfectly with my Fossil watch.

Lastly, the lovely Marise prepared a small gift for us which was actually quiet generous of her!

I strongly suggest you visit their Facebook Page Bling Bling for more information and more products.

Marise! Thanks a lot for the wonderful event!!



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