Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pupa Vamp Cream Eyeshadow Review

I cannot believe how late I am on this Review!

If there is one thing that I have worn continuously these past 2 months or so is this Pupa Vamp Cream Eyeshadow in shade 001.

This cream eyeshadow was in the Pupa Princess Collection which to be honest with you I am hooked with.

I just love simple products which you can just apply and bam you're good to go! This is one of those products.

These cream eyeshadows come in 2 shades which are 001 Shiny Mauve and 002 Shiny Green. I have the Shiny Mauve one and I can just say that the colour is a simply gorgeous mauve taupe colour which is seriously suitable for both day and night.

I like to apply this cream shadow with a synthetic eyeshadow brush and most of the time I wear it alone with no eyeshadows over  it. However, it is also an excellent eyeshadow base for various colours. I created a look which was meant for Valentines Day but it can be easily worn for everyday or occasion. It is quite shimmery however it is an appropriate shimmer and not the kind of chunky glitter type of product. 

This is the press release that accompanies the product:

Superstar eyes in just a few seconds.
Vamp! Cream gives shimmering color, perfect for bringing the eyes to life with a unique dazzling look.
Unprecedented easy-to-apply formula that blends pearls and pigments for a long-lasting flawless look without creasing.
The results? Incomparable color and an incredible look that will last all day! Low allergy risk.
Ophthalmologically tested '

Check the links for their Pupa Milano Facebook Page and their website for more information. 

I totally agree with the statement with regards to the long lasting power of this eyeshadow. My eyes are quite oily but this one holds on pretty well on my lids. It dries quickly to a dry formula and you have to be quite quick when it comes to blending. But to be honest, you don't need that much blending.

Check the Video below for a tutorial using Pupa products.

Have you tried it out?

What are your Favourite Pupa Items?




  1. The shiny mauve is such a lovely shade, very pretty. Steph x

    1. It is! and a lot of people can actually wear that colour!