Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Restoring Oil Facial Serum | Review

Rose Otto Oil has been used for many centuries as a beauty and therapeutic oil. No wonder it is still loved until today. It has endless beneficial properties which make it an ideal oil to use. It is an aromatic essential oil with a lot of skin calming, healing, anti-aging and uplifting properties. It helps restore sensitive skin and helps preventing fine lines and premature aging signs.

Rose Otto is great in promoting a more youthful look. It has also hydrating properties which help the skin to stay soft and adequately moisturized.

Since it is an oil one might think it is not suitable for oily skin types, which in all fairness is not the case. Our skin needs a certain level of oil. If we strip our skin out of its natural oils the body will produce more oil and hence the skin becomes oilier. What is important to keep in mind is to use oils which are not heavy and are as natural as possible. Although the skin stays shiny after application, I didn’t feel that the skin was clogged or anything. And that is something which is of extreme importance. On the other hand I felt that my skin, in the morning, feels more supple and smooth and hydrated. My personal opinion is to use this just before your night cream, after cleansing your face. I also find that the night cream works better when the Rose Otto oil is applied beforehand. It has lots of antioxidant properties which help in removing the ‘dirt’ or ‘pollution’ which settle on our face throughout the day. The antioxidants help to remove radicals which in the long term age the skin. It has also astringent properties which will help in diminishing the appearance of broken capillaries to give a more even coloured complexion.
I have tried applying this oil in the morning; however I don’t suggest it to people with combination/oily skin. It might work fine for people with dry skin though.

Having had these past cold weeks, I strongly suggest in investing in a good facial oil to help restore the skin hydration and its overall appearance.

The product retails for 12.40. I hope you found this review helpful and if you want more information on the products and from where you can get them kindly check the links here!

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